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Home remedy for cuts bruise wounds and abrasions | Alternative Cures News
Home remedy for cuts bruise wounds and abrasions  Alternative Cures 

Home remedy for cuts bruise wounds and abrasions

Natural Remedies for Abrasions, Cuts, Wounds and Bruises Abrasion Cuts, Bruises and Wounds Bleeding is slowed considerably when an abrasion is rinsed in ice water. Most approaches to abrasions are common sense remedies we have been taught from childhood. Thank goodness there are more gentle remedies than isopropyl alcohol or mercurochrome but the basic theory stays the same. Gently clean the wound with antibacterial soap and water, if the abrasion is surrounded by hair shave the area where the tape will be before bandaging it. Rinse the wound to ensure no hair has gotten into it then apply antibiotic ointment, and cover with a bandage.

This shaving will avoid pain when you change the bandage The bandage should be changed twice a day applying more antibiotic ointment each time or more often If the abrasion is mild but covers a large area an infusion of chamomile tea, aloe and even Epsom salts can be added to a tepid bath and the affected area can soak while being cleaned gently then carefully dried treated with antibiotic ointment and reapplying the bandage.

Of course if the abrasion is extensive covering large portions of the body embedded with material that does not wash out easily with water or if it is bleeding profusely, swollen etc. you should seek medical care immediately. Now Coming To The Home Remedies for Abrasions: Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil can be applied to abrasions with a clean cotton ball. This is said to be gentle on the abrasion and speed healing, as well as being an effective antiseptic for cuts, burns, or abrasions. Antibacterial Soap: Clean the abrasion well with antibacterial soap, and coat with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Not only will the petroleum jelly protect the abrasion from dirt and bacteria getting into it it will keep the bandage from sticking.

After washing with antibacterial soap coat with cod liver oil, vitamin E oil or aloe vera gel. Then bandage the wound with clean gauze and tape or bandages. Garlic Oil Putting garlic oil onto the bandage before applying it to the abrasion is said to prevent infection and promote healing. Ah-mend: A natural salve called “Ah-mend” made from sunflower, grapeseed, almond, jojoba, wheat germ oil, aloe, beeswax, honey, and herbal extracts from marshmallow, yarrow, plantain, comfrey root, St.

John’s Wort, fireweed, vervain, Star Solomon’s Seal, essential oils of juniper berry, lavender, clary sage, elemi, and chamomile tea extract is said to relieve pain and promote healing in half the time it takes an untreated abrasion to heal..

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Home remedy for cuts bruise wounds and abrasions

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