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Best Drink For Kidney Health & Kidney Disease | Alternative Cures News
Best Drink For Kidney Health & Kidney Disease  Alternative Cures 

Best Drink For Kidney Health & Kidney Disease

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs, each about the size of a fist. That are located just below the rib cage, one on each side of the spine. Every day, the two kidneys filter about 120 to 150 quarts of blood to produce about 1 to 2 quarts of urine, composed of wastes and extra fluid. The kidneys remove wastes and extra water from the blood to form urine. Urine flows from the kidneys to the bladder through the ureters.

In addition to removing wastes, your kidneys release three important hormones:

Erythropoietin (eh-RITH-ro-POYeh-tin), or EPO, which stimulates the bones to make red blood cells.
Renin (REE-nin), which regulates blood pressure.
The active form of vitamin D, which helps maintain calcium for bones and for normal chemical balance in the body.
This drink will do great things for your kidneys and the future health of you and the whole body.

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Barley water tonic for chronic kidney disease and kidney health.
1 cup organic Pearl Barley
5 cups Distilled water
Juice of 1/2 lime
2 tablespoon honey
Cinnamon stick (1 0r 2)
Root Ginger (thumb size)

1. Put ingredients in a pan
Place the Pearl Barley in a sieve and rinse for a minute or so with plenty of fresh running water.

Place the Pearl Barley, water, ginger and cinnamon in a pan and turn heat on high. Bring the water to the boil and then simmer for 20-25 minutes with the lid off. This will reduce the amount of water by about 1/3. When done the grains should be softened and cooked.

Pour the barley water mixture through a sieve to seperate the barley grains, ginger and cinnamon from the Barley Water. Add the lemon juice and honey to taste, stir and leave to cool.

Barley water is normally drunk cold. Your home made Barley Water should keep well in a glass covered container in the fridge for up to 3 days.


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Best Drink For Kidney Health & Kidney Disease

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