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7 Natural Cure For Alcoholism  Alternative Cures 

7 Natural Cure For Alcoholism


Alcoholism refers to a condition where a person is addicted to drinking alcohol. Over 13% of world population suffers from the problem of alcohol dependency at some point in their lives. As compared to women, men are believed to be two times more likely to become alcoholic. Excessive alcohol consumption damages the body, which can lead to life threatening diseases like liver cirrhosis, hepatitis B and kidney malfunctioning. Following are some of the most effective natural remedies for alcoholism.

7 Natural Cure For Alcoholism

1- Lemon and Honey
When it comes to fighting against alcohol addiction, the classic combination of lemon and honey can be very helpful. Squeeze the juices of a full lemon in one glass of lukewarm water. Add two teaspoons of honey into it. Stir the mixture thoroughly.
Consume it at least two times daily. You can also try this remedy as and when you feel the urge to drink alcohol. Instead of alcohol, drink this fixture. It will reduce your body’s desire for alcohol.

2- Ginger Root
Put four cups of water in a bowl. Add ten to twelve slices of fresh ginger roots in it. Boil it for ten minutes over high heat. Consume this decoction at least once everyday. It also suppresses the urge to consume alcohol.

Put 4-5 pieces of dates in one glass of water. Boil it over low heat for ten minutes. Leave it to cool down for an hour. Rub the dates in water thoroughly. Then, stir the mixture and filter the liquid. Drinking this decoction is another powerful natural way to suppress the urge for alcohol.

4- Celery
Celery juice is one of the oldest and most effective ways to combat alcoholism. It brings sobering effects on alcoholic people. Mix equal parts of freshly juiced celery with water and drink this solution once daily. For best results, you are advised to use this remedy regularly for at least one month.

5- Bitter Gourd
Add three teaspoons of the juice extracted from the leaves of the bitter gourd plant with one glass of buttermilk. Drink this mixture once daily, preferably on an empty stomach, early in the morning. Besides combating alcoholism, this remedy also improves the functioning of liver and clears toxins from the blood.

6- Eat Grapes Every 4-5 Hours
Since grapes are a natural source of alcohol. You can suppress the cravings for alcohol by eating plenty of grapes every four to five hours. Use this remedy regularly and you will see significant improvement within a month. In extreme cases of alcoholism, the patient can also be kept on an exclusive diet of grapes for a month.

7- Dietary and Lifestyle Changes
Eat at least 2-3 apples everyday. It reduces cravings for alcohol and helps in eliminating toxins from the body.

Avoid meat, white flour, macaroni, white rice, sugar and refined foods.

Increase the intake of foods that are rich in vitamin B6, such as green vegetables, whole grains and nuts.

Smoking is believed to be one of the major factors that increase the urge for alcohol. Therefore, you should also make some serious efforts to quit smoking.

Along with the above-mentioned natural remedies for alcoholism, regular exercise is also beneficial, especially when combined with yoga therapy and meditation.

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7 Natural Cure For Alcoholism

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